How to manage your router with Netgear Genie.

Netgear has produced a wide variety of routers. Having sold millions of pieces, Netgear has captured a large portion of the router market. In order to maintain their position they constantly innovate and try out new things and techniques to improve the lives of their customers. In their latest routers, they have given customers the option to use an app to control it. This app is called the Netgear Genie. The Genie mobile app runs on android and IOS mobile devices. Anybody who uses an Android smartphone or a tablet can use this just like someone who uses an iPhone or an iPad.
Once the router has been installed, users must simply download the Genie mobile app.
In order to connect the mobile app to the router, two steps must be taken.

Step 1

Create a Netgear account. Simply open the app and register your account on Netgear. A verification email will be sent to the email address you have added. Once you follow the instructions given in the verification mail, your account will be registered.

Step 2

Connect your app to the router
Open the app and tap sign in. This will display the account login page. Enter the credentials that you used in the previous step and you will be logged in. If you are accessing your router locally, the local access page will be displayed and if you are accessing it remotely, the remote access page will be displayed. Which ever page appears appears, enter your router admin password and tap login.

Once you are logged in, you can view information about and manage your Wi-Fi network. One of the First Things to do is to view information about your Wi-Fi network. The network information panel gives you a router management status, Wi-Fi network name, Wi-Fi password, and devices connected to the network.

The Wi-Fi section allows you to change the Wi-Fi password. Simply type the password field and enter a new password in the field. If you wish to change the Wi-fi channel, tap the channel field and move the slider from auto to the left to turn off auto selection and then move the channel selector to the left or right to select a channel. You can also view the network map from the main screen. The network map allows you to view devices connected to the network. You can also enable access control or pause internet access from this panel.

If you wish to setup a guest Wi-Fi network, you can enable guest access via the guest Wi-Fi option. You can also change the guest Wi-Fi settings from the same option. The Genie App can also generate a QR code of your router's Wi-Fi network and guest access point. Other mobile devices with the Genie App can scan the QR code and connect to the Wi-Fi network. The Netgear Genie App provides a large number of excellent features and a great deal of customisation to all the customers. It is an excellent, easy to use app.